Corporate Escape Club Programme

Corporate Escape Club Programme

Group of multi racial people jumping in the city.


The Corporate Escape Club is a meet up with like minded people.  Listen and learn from  those who have already escaped the rat race and daily grind.  Connecting with people who are like you, walking the same path towards self employment and  create a Business LifeStyle of their dreams.  We are here to hold you accountable, work along side you so you can stay focus on your Desire, Passion and Purpose.


The Corporate Escape Club is held every month on the first Tuesday evening of each month. Starting at 6:30pm and finishing at 8:30pm.


CoSydney CoWorking + Enterprise Accelerator
3 Blackfriars Street
Chippendale Creative Precinct
Sydney NSW 2008
This is a free meet up.  However, places are limited so please be sure to get your ticket for the next meeting of the Corporate Escape Club.

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