Quantum Compass – Transition to Self Employment

Quantum Compass – Transition to Self Employment

Design your business. Design your life.

Are you tired of being an employee? Had enough of working for a boss? Planning to start your own business?

But need some professional advice?

Quantum Compass is a boutique coaching practice based in Sydney, Australia providing a complete suite of professional services to those seeking to transition from full time work to self employment.

Our coaches and enterprise catalysts can advise you on a range of issues including;

  • Business LifeStyle Design
  • Creating income from artistic and creative endeavours
  • Business planning
  • Financing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Market research
  • Advisory boards & Mentor support

Quantum Compass also offers business skills training, workshops, seminars, business mentoring, plus a range of self help tools and resources.