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What is business coaching?


Coaching, and Creating a Sustainable Business LifeStyle.

As a creative professional it’s always hard keeping up with all the changes and pressures in today’s fast paced world, let alone finding the time to devote to sales, marketing, systems development, business planning and team management. And all that while working in, and operating, your art practice… all day… every day!

As the world moves faster and faster, becoming ever more demanding and competitive… Having a coach is no longer a luxury… It’s fast becoming a necessity!

Elite athletes have a coach. And now, in this difficult and demanding time for artists and designers around Australia and around the world, it’s the turn of artists, designers, and creative professionals to have a business coach too.

A sporting coach will work with an athlete in establishing training routines and developing habits that mean that the athlete can achieve optimum performance. A sporting coach provides support, motivation, and encouragement. A sporting coach is there when the athlete starts the training day, and is there when the athlete runs across that finish line.

It’s the coach that works with the athlete on the big picture. Works with the athlete on strategies that the athlete needs to earn a place on the winner’s podium. It’s the coach that works with the athlete to keep them going when energies are low and the hurdles seem to high.

In the same way as a sporting coach will work with an elite athlete, we’ll work with you as your Coach and walk alongside you as we create a sustainable business that supports you in your creative practice… Thus creating what we call a “Business LifeStyle”.

Here at Quantum Compass we’re not about growth for growth’s sake. We’re not advocates for “Work / Life Balance”. In fact, it’s just the opposite! For us it’s about getting better, not getting bigger. For us it’s about creating a “whole of life”, or “portfolio” approach to work. It’s about creating a Business LifeStyle, and designing a sustainable art & design practice that supports you the creative professional in life and, supports you in work as well.

Our role as your coach is to guide, support and encourage…

We’re here to work with you to create a change in your life and in your business…

Quantum Compass is a boutique business coaching practice based in Sydney, Australia. Vinh Van Lam & Stuart Horrex are passionate about small business enterprise.Quantum Compass provides business coaching, mentoring, business advisory, & new enterprise facilitation.Our coach partners and associate catalysts have decades of hands on, real world experience to share.

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How we came to call our business “QUANTUM COMPASS”

Quantum Compass logo


Welcome to Quantum Compass.

We’re created the OPIC™ model for creative people just like you.

OPIC is a system to help you create a successful business from doing what you love…Doing what you love passionately…

Firstly, We’d like to share with you how we came to call our business “Quantum Compass”.

Our name was inspired by a small little article in a popular science magazine about some research being done into the migration pattern of birds, and how the researchers were reverse engineering the “Quantum Compass” of birds.

This idea of a “Quantum Compass” inspired and captivated us… What is that’s innate in the birds that give them the tools to navigate in their unerring, globe- spanning migrations. We were fascinated with how those birds fly with such an incredible sense of direction, and they instinctively know when’s the right time for migration to different part of the globe.

From this amazing ability, we draw an analogy that as human beings, we too can adapt this concept to achieve waht we want in life. We can plan and set goals to achieve our dreams. We can define our Desire, Passion and Purpose.

So that’s why our logo is a compass, a “Quantum Compass” inspire by globe-travelling birds.

You’ll also see our motto “Make Tomorrow Today”™. It’s an inspiration that we live by everyday. It reminds us to take action and take charge of our life. Ir’s reminding us to “Do It Now!” It’s about holding ourselves accountable in what we do and eliminate the thought of procrastination.

Now is the only time we have. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is just a promise that ‘s yet to come. With “Make Tomorrow Today” we focus on what we have… THE RIGHT NOW…